Google AdSense Is A Ranking Factor?

Do you still believe that AdSense is a ranking factor. But the truth is it doesn’t have anything to do with organic ranking. It is a Google ad product. Publishers display advertisements on their website and earn money when people click on them or view them.

When any website displaying ads with AdSense, it becomes a platform for Google’s advertisers. AdSense can also send traffic to websites. Which means when people click on ads or when they view those ads, it make traffic to those sites. But would Google let those sites to get unbiased organic search results? That is the point people start to think AdSense is a ranking factor. AdSense ads can impact rankings in a negative way also. Let’s discuss about this more with looking at some evidences which show impact of AdSense ads on search rankings.

The Claim of AdSense is a Ranking Factor

There are many claims that related with the fact of AdSense is a ranking factor.

1. AdSense is a Positive Ranking Factor

AdSense ads make profit for both Google and its advertisers. Therefore we can get it as a positive effect on ranking. Google has many services that going on together like GoogleAds, organic search and AdSense. We can think that they might share signals between one another. Many people believe that Google Ads is a ranking factor. Then why we cannot apply the same theory for AdSense.

Lack of trust in Google?

People believe all these theories because they don’t have a trust on Google. They also think Google doesn’t keep search results fair and objective. Google’s reputation has been damaged by investigations and lawsuits. Europe and the United States government have accused Google for anticompetitive business practices like favoring its own products in search results and favoring own apps on Android. Therefore Google is often under the supervision  of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Google have been ordered to pay fines also. Investigations for Google’s practices are still carry on. All these antitrust charges damage Google’s image and people believe it is not a trustworthy company. That why people questioning about the fact that AdSense is a ranking factor.

2. AdSense is a Negative Factor

People believe that the way site owners using AdSense make negative impact on rankings. Sometimes they use too many ads. Sometimes they place them in the wrong places of sites. Usually Google like pages that give a good user experience when crowding. But pages that have ads ads create a poor user experience. If page has too many ads, it make harder to identify the main content. Pages can be loaded slowly. Page can move around when it’s loading also. All these can make a low page experience score. That’s why AdSense can identify as a negative ranking factor.

The Evidence of AdSense is a Ranking Factor

Let’s look at evidence under the two sections we used in claims.

1. AdSense is a Positive Ranking Factor

Google addresses about this in the official AdSense Help guide. Google said that AdSense does not impact a site’s ranking in the SERPs,

“If you are displaying ads with AdSense doesn’t affect site ranking in Google Search results list. And also it doesn’t affect the search results that we deliver. Our search results are not depend on our relationships with publishers and paying advertisers. We show search results according to our Ranking technology.”

AdSense doesn’t give your site to higher rank in SERPs. Therefore don’t use it thinking it would affect in a positive way of your ranking. If you are doing a competitive SERP analysis, don’t use this as a ranking factor.

2. AdSense is a Negative Factor

We discussed in previous section that AdSense doesn’t impact in ranking in a positive way or negative way. But generally ads can make poor user experience and then it can lead to lower rank. It’s totally okay using ads in your site. But the way you are using can effect on SEO.

When you are placing ads, you need to follow the better ads standards. It has listed unacceptable placements of ads on desktop and mobile. AdSense Help Center gives best practices for ad placement. Google asks site owners to follow these guidance. Google has also said,

“A site must not use advertising techniques that are interrupting or distracting. And also they don’t use ads that give poor user experience.”

Google has already confirm that AdSense is not a ranking factor. The way you are using AdSense can lead your site lower rank. But it’s common for all kinds of ads not only AdSense. Therefore no one can say AdSense is a negative ranking factor either.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AdSense do?

Google AdSense gives a way for publishers to earn money from the online content. It works by matching ads to your site. This process works based on your visitors and content. The advertisers who want to promote products create those ads. And also they pay publishers for displaying their ads.

How long does it take to earn money from AdSense?

You’ll be paid up to seven business days after payment was issued. If you haven’t received your payment by the end of the month, contact your banking institution. If 21st of that month is a holiday or weekend, the payments will be issued on the first business day after the 21st.

How can I get AdSense approval fast?

If you wanna get approval for AdSense quickly, there are some factors that increase your chances of getting approval. Your website should be at least 6 months old. Your website must be unique. It should have original content and decent traffic. When you adding the AdSense ads the first time, you need to make sure to place the ads above the fold.

What are the disadvantages of AdSense?

The biggest disadvantage of AdSense is that you will be only paid after you’ve earned at least $100. And also you are limited to Google and you can’t use other ad networks in conjunction with Google. If you violate policies and click fraud, the account can be shut down at any time Google wants.

How long does it take for AdSense to approve your account?

AdSense account activation process usually takes a few days. But it may be take 2 – 4 weeks. When your account is fully activated, they will inform you via email. After that you can set ads on your site and start to earn money. If you’ve turned on Auto ads, ads will be started to show on your site.

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