How would I know Link Building isn’t right for business?

Any business is trying to grow its business and increase sales and revenue. But we need to find out the best strategies to expand any business. It may be link-building or something else. When we come to our topic “How would I know Link Building isn’t right for business”, it does not suit every business. Especially it may not be the best investment in digital marketing spending. And also even if it suits your business, there might be some other opportunity better than link building. There are many reasons for your question about link building isn’t right for business. In this tutorial, we’re going to discuss about few of them.

1. Blockers in Internal Politics, Signoff, and Bureaucracy

You may need approval from different people in your company before proceeding with link building. For example, when launching a campaign, doing content-led link building, and using digital PR tactics like reaching out to journalists and reacting to changing news cycles. Some of the Internal blockers you have to face are given below.

Communications and PR: Relationships with journalists and key publications are held by them. They advise you to add their list that you can’t contact. Your ability to get results is limited because of this. And also in some cases, very few relevant publications can be left with you to target.

Design, UX, and Copywriters: They are different teams. Because they may be interested in what you producing and want the ability to sign.

Legal and Compliance: There is a high bar in some industries on what they can publish and what they cannot. For example, finance and insurance are highly regulated industries. They have external industry bodies and they keep an eye on those industries. Healthcare and medical space is another example. Because if they publish misleading content, it can be server and real.

Technical and Development: Content that you made needs to upload to your client’s website. If you wrote a blog post, it is simple to upload. But when it’s come to complex content like a large report, an interactive infographic, or a tool, you might need technical help. It may slow down your process also.

How Do Internal Blockers Threaten Link Building Success

There are many Internal blockers. They may not be able to do something alone. But when they come together, they can lead to,

  • Big delays in link building. It can lead to frustration, wasted budget, and a delay in results that are being achieved.
  • Campaigns can change from the story, original message, or core point. They may be completely lost also.
  • Reduce outreach targets. It makes it harder to achieve KPIs.

If any organization has blockers like them, they need to be removed. Otherwise, your content-led link-building won’t be useful.

2. No Buy-in or Little for Link Building at the Executive Level

This is another sign of link building isn’t right for business. When considering boosting SEO, link building doing an important role. Knowing how your company measure success is important. You need to consider the following points.

  • Quality of links
  • Quality of links
  • Traffic
  • Conversations
  • Leads

If you get a real business outcome like measuring activity in sales and revenue, this will be a good starting point. But it’s not enough. Knowing how other wider companies do SEO and link building and how it adds value to their businesses is beneficial. You need to look for evidence for the wider organization is invested. If there are any signs, you can see senior management has been involved in the following things,

  • The pitch and onboarding process
  • Signing off on budgets
  • Setting objectives and KPIs
  • Asking you  questions about the process and measurement

What would you do if there are these signs? 

These things can make difficult your sales process. But it’s a good sign of your activity is serious. If you cannot see any of these signs, which means your process is easier. But it can pose problems. When the activities are looked at closely and the organization starts to struggling, these problems can occur. Senior executives will look at your activities and where the budget was invested. Then they will make decisions about whether you need to continue this or not. When this happens executives are already aware of the value of your activities.  You need to show that continuing your work is worthy. If senior management doesn’t like to get your activity,  which means your work is not fit for them.

You may need understanding from other departments and leaders and buy-in. Then they can help to remove blockers. But it can be hard to act on information like that when doing sales procedures. It’s because you can sell a project without knowing of these issues. It’s important to probe into those areas and learn and understand what can go wrong. If organization’s senior management cannot understand or value link building,  which means they won’t invest. You can learn everything about this when doing a project. That’s why we said you should aware of everything from the very first beginning.

Link Building isn't right for business?

3. You’re Working Website Is Technically Flawed

This is another sign which says link building isn’t right for business. In this kind of situation, links won’t be effective. After resolving technical issues, you will be able to see greater uplift. You cannot see the value of your work in a short period. In past years, you were able to get benefits from link building, even though your SEO practices and your content weren’t good enough. But today without quality content and SEO strategies, links cannot give you benefits alone. Which doesn’t mean you need to work with websites that are technically 100% correct.

But you or your client cannot turn a blind eye to technical issues and SEO issues, website is owned by someone else though. If the technical problem is serious,  it needs to be fixed. If not link building isn’t right for business. You can get more benefits after fixing this issue. Link building and technical SEO can happen at the same time. If technical SEO is being ignored, don’t enter the link building.  First of all, you should be aware of the one who controls on-page SEO and technical. Then you can make predictions about objectives that you can achieve. If there is an issue with technical SEO, it needs to be fixed first. Otherwise, there is no use of using link building.

4. Link Building Activity Don’t Make a Dent in The Link Profile

This one is not common as much as previous ones. But if this happens link building isn’t right for business. Therefore it’s important to be mentioned. There are large brands well known not only in your country but also in the world like Apple, Amazon and Coca-Cola. If it happens to this kind of brands coming to you. Have you ever asked yourself why they need link building? Any domain can benefit from link building. It doesn’t matter how big their brand is.

There are many brands that always get a large number of links. The question is would you able to make links that make any difference to those brands? For example, let’s take Apple company. Just because of being Apple, they get many links. Not only when they launch a new product but also on their home page and product pages. Because of this reason, large brands get benefits from link building over the years. Then our approach needs to be changed. But it’s not possible.


In this industry, you cannot say no to your agencies. Because your not in a position for it. But you cannot ignore above signs of link building isn’t right for business. You need to keep in mind that link building isn’t right for everyone. Therefore try to do anything to overcome them. Otherwise, it will be issues later on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the link building?

Establishing relevant external links to a website, also known as links, is the process of link building. A website’s chances of appearing well in search engine results can be increased by increasing the amount of high-quality links pointing to the website.

Is link building in SEO still effective in 2022? 

Yes Although a lot of people believe that link building is no longer necessary for SEO, this is untrue. The right choice of keywords and backlink sources can increase your organic traffic and revenue.,relevant%20companies%20to%20your%20business.

What is the importance of linking?

A page’s content is authoritative, credible, and trustworthy if it causes someone to discuss. Links on pages therefore function as votes of trust, credibility, and authority. A page’s rating can increase as a result of the number of votes it receives and the links it receives.,Quick%20Answer%3A,more%20search%20traffic%20%3D%20more%20customers.

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