How to Create Linkable Content

What is link building? It is an outreach-focused activity. Do you think outreach as a problem? The problem is not outreach but quality content. Because of this reason, many people are struggling to build links. In this tutorial, we’re going to discuss how to create linkable content. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time or if you are an experienced link builder. We hope this guide will help you. This guide is based on the webinar which was conducted by Partnerships Development Manager at Page One Power Michael Johnson.

Why does the process of Create Linkable Content so hard?

  • Involves Another Person: You can handle any aspect of your organization’s search engine optimization process. But to get links, you have to tap into others’ motives also.
  • Webmasters Are Savvier: Webmasters are asked to get links by link builders especially without providing any value to them. If you don’t provide valuable content to their audience, it’s hard to earn links.

Relevancy First

What do SEO professionals chase to measure a website? They chase authority metrics like domain rating (DR) or domain authority (DA) since Google made PageRank (PR) visible. They are important but they are not the main things to consider in website quality. The relevancy is the most important thing. Google’s John Mueller once said they didn’t care about the number of links to give website rankings. They use the relevancy of the links to give them ranks. What does relevancy in the link mean?

  • What to create: you can know what kind of content is needed by using relevancy first. And also you will know what’s relevant to your audience.
  • Sites to target: You can get an idea of what’s relevant from your targeted audience’s perspective using the content that you created.
  • The value you can provide: You can get an idea of what kind of value you can provide. Because it is relevant to the steps that you are going through.

You need to earn high-quality links. You should focus to create quality backlinks. Instead of focusing get the highest domain authority. Then you can make your business more successful.

Types of Linkable Content

Before knowing how to create linkable content, you should know the types of linkable content.

Educational and Informational Articles

These articles which range from 800 to 1500 words cover a subject that associates your brand with audiences or topics that have publications or blogs dedicated to them. Informational articles will give you content you can use as a reference in guest posting efforts or as a source to suggest for HARO requests.

Example of Linkable Article :

  1. Client who Does Cloud Services

Which makes a bridge between remote/cyber security and Page One Power’s client in cloud industries. Instead of staying with cloud security, they went to a field that is still important to cloud services such as cyber security which is relevant to tech, and IT websites as well as opportunities for remote work in business, HR, and lifestyle blogs. It enables their writer to create this post for different websites, so they can get a link from it.

Create Linkable Content

2. Client in the design decoration Industry

To expand the relevancy of the clients, page one power suggested topics from other areas of life. Therefore they discussed the impact that the environment can have on mental health. Then his team contacted websites that specialize in both mental health and design decorations. With this, they connected clients’ eCommerce websites to publications and blogs which discuss mental health.

Create Linkable Content

Linkable Resource Guide

This form of content is typically 2500 words longer. It targets a specific audience with helpful resource pages specifically for them. This article will help you to get links from resource pages which relevant to the audience you are targeting.

Create Linkable Content

Linkable Article Ideas

Michael Johnson said about how they create linkable content for a roofing company. The things they did to make it successful are given below.

  • Finance- Talk about how to budget, repair costs
  • Social Justice-Talk about accessibility, ADA compliance
  • Construction
  • Health and wellness-Talk about mold and asbestos
  • Mental health- Talk about new environments
  • Tech- Talk about security systems
  • blogs of Small business

Their website was linked to publications and blogs through linkable content. It provided them with quality content to use as a source for the guest post they write. If you want to include links to promotional pages in guest posts, you will probably have the be asked to pay or have links removed.

Create a Resource Guide

The next thing Johnson consider is the topics that work well for a commercial roofing company. Although it may be tempting to create a guide with your audience in mind, it won’t appeal to a large audience. If you did something of green-friendly construction or sustainable building, you would be able to reach a new market that is relevant to them. Johnson figured out an opportunity for this kind of resources on the web by doing that.


  • Making connections
  • Expanding your audience
  • Creating valuable content

Where Does Content Strategy and This Fit Within Your SEO?

It would be beneficial if you included content in your content strategy that was designed for link building. It’s similar to how linkable content on your website to other websites. Linkable content should create internal links between your website’s pages. Internal linking from linkable content can be used to your bottom-funnel pages in order to pass authority.

Create Linkable Content


  • Relevancy– Earn links with relevancy
  • Expand the audience– Linkable content expands opportunities for links and audience. And also it provides value to your audience.
  • Provide value– Different types of links can be earned within different kinds of content.
  • Using a variety of linkable content–  Articles that have citable information can be used for HARO and guest posting. Resource page links can be earned using resource guides.
  • Solve a problem– Create content for audiences that have publications, blogs, and resource pages which you can solve a problem for.
  • Use internal linking– you can use internal linking to connect your content with your SEO strategy. And also you can pass links to pages.

You can contact Page One Power experts via their website and learn more about creating linkable content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is backlink in website?

An anchor text link from one website to another is referred to as a backlink. Any article you come across with a link to another source or website is an example of a backlink. Examples of website backlinks can be found all over the internet, especially on well-known blog sites that link to pertinent information.

What are linkable assets in SEO?

Linkable assets are high-quality pieces of content that garner links or social shares. Because they provide information that readers can access or believe is valuable enough to share and connect to. Backlinks are a form of digital currency in content marketing and SEO.

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