10 Tips to Try Right Now on YouTube to Increase Views

YouTube Increase Views: Increasing YouTube views should be at the top of every content marketer’s priority list in a world where video is taking over more and more of our lives.

Before you say anything, let me address the fact that YouTube views do not maintain the lights. You’re not alone if you’re afraid to invest time and money in a channel that doesn’t produce a clear return on investment. Many marketers avoid YouTube and focus all their resources on sponsored search and paid social because they are under pressure to accomplish short-term goals.

I genuinely feel for these people. But we must face a harsh reality: You won’t be able to regularly achieve your goals over the long run without a substantial volume of top-of-funnel prospects. You must provide content that raises awareness of your business and fosters brand loyalty the same.

The best location to post that content is on YouTube. The COVID-19 situation has made selling especially challenging, therefore it’s a smart idea to concentrate on that top-of-funnel prospect pool right now.

Here are ten suggestions to increase your YouTube views this year:

  • Write quality content (that nobody else is making).
  • Consider series rather than individual videos.
  • Learn about the SEO for YouTube.
  • Join forces with other content producers.
  • End screens and use cards.
  • Create a blog entry to go with each video.
  • Your video descriptions should include timestamps.
  • publicize the event on social media.
  • Don’t cut corners with your thumbnails.
  • Considering your titles carefully.

Write quality content (that nobody else is making)

YouTube Increase Views: Yup. That’s it. This is my best advice for increasing your YouTube views.

Write quality material. Create original material that no one else is.

As a matter of principle, I’ve made this my top advice. You can find all kinds of sneaky and dishonest techniques to raise your YouTube views if you seek hard enough, though you really don’t need to. It’s crucial to me that we start off on the same page, even though I am aware that you great people wouldn’t consider me to be that ungrateful.

Making films that viewers want to watch—and watch all the way through, might I add—is the key to success on YouTube. In a nutshell, value is everything. You are unsuited for content marketing if you won’t give your audience something of worth. It’s that easy.

YouTube  Increase Views

Moz has achieved success on YouTube for a reason.

Like its parent firm Google, YouTube’s primary function is a search engine. And what, dear friends, is the purpose of a search engine? point users in the direction of the best, most pertinent material. Google frequently advises SEOs to concentrate on providing value to their website visitors because of this. YouTube is similar to other sites in this regard.

Talk to your potential clients. Learn the cause of their insomnia. Use that information to guide your films, along with some underappreciated YouTube stats. Let the rest rely on gimmicks and trickery.

Check out these four YouTube studio reports that aren’t available in Google Ads when it comes to stats.

Consider series rather than individual videos.

YouTube Increase Views: Playlists are a popular way for YouTube creators to organize their content. How come?

The reason is straightforward: When you click on a video that is embedded in a playlist, the following video in the playlist will begin immediately after the current one finishes. As a result, a viewer can passively watch a number of connected videos. YouTube is naturally pleased with this since it results in more ad money. However, you should also be pleased because it results in higher engagement and more video views.

YouTube  Increase Views

YouTube Increase Views: It should go without saying that creating a massive playlist out of unrelated videos results in a poor user experience. Instead, I advise thinking about your YouTube material in terms of series rather than individual videos. In this manner, it will be simple to arrange your films into sensible playlists as time goes on and you produce more content. A flawless, engaging experience will benefit your viewers, and an increase in views will benefit you. Win-win!

Here is one instance. If I were marketing a baseball academy, for example, I would concentrate on making a number of video series, including ones about pitching, batting, playing in the outfield, and so forth. Starting your brainstorming with this framework is a terrific idea.

Learn about YouTube SEO.

YouTube Increase Views: YouTube is a search engine, as I just stated. Additionally, YouTube organizes its search results using a number of ranking signals, just like any other search engine. Gaining more views on YouTube requires an understanding of YouTube SEO, the key ranking factors, and how to appeal to them.

Priorities first You must use keywords. There is nothing to optimize for without the target keywords. Make a list of the subjects you wish to cover (consider a series here!) and then start typing them one at a time into the YouTube search field. YouTube will provide a list of suggested search terms, as you have probably seen before. These ideas are all things that regular YouTube users have repeatedly searched for.

YouTube  Increase Views

It’s crucial to remember that some keywords are more difficult to rank for than others due to increased competition. You may learn more about each of your keywords’ levels of competition with WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool. Although the tool uses data from Google and Bing rather than YouTube, it is still a useful approach to determine how challenging the situation is.

Once your keyword strategy is in place, it’s time to optimize. Let’s quickly go over the key YouTube ranking indicators you should be aware of.

SEO for titles of YouTube videos

YouTube considers a lot of factors when determining where to position your video in the search results for a certain query, with your video’s title being the most crucial. Simply said, if you want your video to rank for a specific keyword, that term needs to be in the title—ideally at the start, as there is some anecdotal data to suggest that starting your title with your target keyword can generate a slight increase in ranks.

YouTube  Increase Views

Keep in mind that your title should contain more information than just the target keyword. Although ranking is crucial, clicks are not always guaranteed. Later on in this article, we’ll go into more detail regarding luring viewers with your video titles.

SEO for descriptions of YouTube videos

Your video description needs to be optimized as the second property. Your description is taken into account when the search results are sorted, though it is not as important as your title. Ensure that your target keyword appears at least once.

YouTube  Increase Views

Keyword stuffing and keyword targeting are not the same thing. Although it’s crucial to include your keyword and show how it relates to YouTube, you shouldn’t focus on it so much that you end up with a poor copy.

Tags for SEO for YouTube videos

YouTube Increase Views: Before going on to our fourth suggestion, I want to emphasize one more feature: your video tags. Your tags are not displayed to YouTube users, in contrast to your title and description (except for those who use a special Chrome extension, such as video). It’s not necessary for you to tag your videos, but you should because it’s a simple, risk-free technique to further prove your importance to YouTube’s algorithms.

YouTube  Increase Views

As you can see, it’s recommended that you target both your main keyword and its close alternatives using your video tags. By doing this, you’ll be able to rank for search terms that don’t really contain your target keyword but convey the same essential meaning.

Observe: YouTube hashtags, which are equally crucial to your video approach, differ from YouTube video tags.

Join forces with other content producers

You don’t necessarily need to be at odds with another content provider just because you both aim to reach the same audience. In fact, I’d advise you to establish a mutually beneficial connection or a symbiotic relationship. Remember that increasing your pool of top-of-funnel prospects and adding value to viewers are the two main objectives of YouTube content marketing. If you ask me, the presence of a rival does not in any way affect your ability to achieve that goal.

YouTube  Increase Views

Recall a wonderful partnership between WordStream and Hanapin!

How then can you collaborate with a content creator who is aiming for the same demographic to increase your YouTube views? Simple: Together, you produce a piece of material. For instance, you would gain from exposure to a set of viewers who might not have previously come across your brand if you were to participate as a guest star in one of your competitors’ videos. The additional traffic brought about by your marketing of the video would also help your rival. YouTube users gain access to fantastic pieces of material throughout. In this case, everyone is successful!

End screens and use cards.

A great measure of viewer involvement is watch time. Generally speaking, viewers become more engaged in what you’re saying as they watch more of your YouTube video. Additionally, if someone is deeply interested in your content, it stands to reason that they’ll be eager to watch more of your films. In order to increase YouTube views, our fifth strategy makes use of cards and end screens. Let’s quickly review each feature.

End screens and use cards.

A great measure of viewer involvement is watch time. Generally speaking, viewers become more engaged in what you’re saying as they watch more of your YouTube video. Additionally, if someone is deeply interested in your content, it stands to reason that they’ll be eager to watch more of your films. In order to increase YouTube views, our fifth strategy makes use of cards and end screens. Let’s quickly review each feature.


A YouTube card alerts your viewers to related content by appearing in the upper right corner of your video like a banner. Without lowering the standard of the viewing experience, it’s a simple, efficient approach to promote another film and take advantage of the strong user interaction.

Each card can be viewed as the YouTube equivalent of an internal link within a blog article. Despite the fact that you are promoting yourself, you are also pointing your audience toward useful content. We have a win-win situation once more.

10 Tips to Try Right Now on YouTube to Increase Views

screen ends

Similar to a card, an end screen is intended to guide your most enthusiastic users onto relevant material. An end screen, as the name implies, shows as your video is coming to a close.

10 Tips to Try Right Now on YouTube to Increase Views

I advise using an end screen to promote subscribers in addition to promoting one or two videos. The more people YouTube will alert when you submit a new video, the more subscribers you will amass.

Assemble a blog article to go with each video.

Why not create a blog post to go along with each of your YouTube videos if blogging is already a part of your content marketing plan, which it should be? Yes, this does take more time, but the advantages far exceed the drawbacks. It’s a simple approach to enhance viewing by introducing your YouTube channel to website visitors. A video is also a guaranteed approach to enhance the user experience for those potential customers who like to watch rather than read. And since you’re already sitting down to write a script, it takes very little extra work to produce a related blog piece.

10 Tips to Try Right Now on YouTube to Increase Views

Your video descriptions should include timestamps.

Users looking for pertinent material have options besides the YouTube search bar. Indeed, it happens frequently for people to find YouTube videos through Google. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise considering how frequently videos appear in search results.

10 Tips to Try Right Now on YouTube to Increase Views

Google stated in September 2019 that they would link to significant portions of YouTube videos directly on the search engine results page (SERP), making it easier for visitors to discover the information they’re looking for. Google will use the timestamp information in your video description to highlight significant moments and point viewers in the right direction. Here’s a picture of it in use.

10 Tips to Try Right Now on YouTube to Increase Views

spreading the message via social media

Nothing revolutionary here, folks—sometimes the fundamentals produce the finest outcomes. Using social media to promote new material is a crucial step in increasing YouTube views.

The issue is that everyone completes this one thing on our list. YouTube SEO is not well-known to everyone. Not everyone is eager to collaborate with a rival. Making genuinely useful material is not something that everyone is concerned with.

Almost everyone promotes their YouTube videos on social media. And because of this, coming up with original strategies is crucial. Let’s discuss three actions you can take to make sure you stand out on social media.

Take care with your thumbnails.

Some people will look for your stuff on purpose. Through your website or social media pages, others will find it. Some people might even discover your videos through links sent by friends.

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