12 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscriptions

YouTube Subscriptions: Did you realize that consumers watch 1 billion hours of YouTube each day? That is the same as 8.4 minutes every day for each person.

It’s challenging for marketers to overlook the video marketing channel given its enormous popularity. But there is fierce rivalry when something is so well-liked. How do you stand out in a channel that is packed with an unlimited supply of video content?

We’ve all been caught watching cat videos for hours on end. Nothing to be embarrassed about! How can marketers divert viewers from these well-known cats so that more people would visit their own YouTube channels? This is exactly what this post seeks to provide for you since, if you’ve invested time in the video, you need a return more than you desire.

It’s time to strategically increase the number of subscribers to your channel. Here are 12 quick ways to increase your YouTube following.


Keep Your YouTube Channel Clean

It’s crucial to take care of basic housekeeping before we go on to the interesting part. Although you might believe that everything your company does is perfect, your audience could disagree since you are not BeyoncĂ©. I know, I know, this is difficult to accept, but it’s necessary to occasionally put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

YouTube Channel Clean

When you take a close look at your YouTube channel and re-evaluate what is there, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that some of the older content needs to delete since it is no longer relevant, was badly made, or is just a dud that never belonged there in the first place. That lead will be immediately turned off and lose faith in your brand if you have something of this sort associated with it. Get rid of it and don’t look back!

The point I want to make here is this:

Only produce and share highly engaging content.

Yes, I am aware that this advice may seem apparent, but because YouTube is so cluttered, it’s simple to believe that producing low-quality content will not draw attention to you. Of course not! The only real method to differentiate yourself from the competition and expand your subscription base is to produce the greatest content possible in your industry.

Pre-production planning is essential for achieving this. Here are some strategies for doing this better than your rivals:

Conduct research

Watch the videos of your rivals and other companies in related fields, and make notes of the most interesting sections. Instead of mimicking what your rivals are doing, come up with a more inventive approach to do it better. For instance, I would probably learn a thing or two from The Story of Sarah and Juan, my all-time favorite YouTube commercial, if I were in the gum business (or any other industry, for that matter). Just try to convince me that this didn’t make you cry after viewing it.

Plan ahead

YouTube Subscriptions: You might believe that on camera, you can wing it. You certainly can, but you shouldn’t. Your script needs to be planned out, table read, revised, table read, and revised once more. By going through this procedure, your script enhances to

tell the tale you’re attempting to tell. Businesses frequently underuse scripting’s potential, but perfecting this skill may elevate your videos to totally new heights.

View this Wistia guide if you’re new to video scripting!

Get the necessary tools for a studio at work.

What tools are “appropriate”? Are you able to pay for it? The latter question has a yes response to it. Surprisingly, the camera isn’t your most crucial piece of gear. Why? Today’s iPhone cameras are comparable in quality to far more expensive alternatives.

The most crucial tools to have when filming inside are a plain background, studio lights, and a tripod. Yes, there are a few other items you could require depending on the movie, such as props and audio gear, but improving your in-office studio and nailing down some of the fundamentals will result in better video creation.

Make your video’s opening ten seconds the most memorable possible.

Did you know that 20% of your video’s visitors abandon it after the first 10 seconds? For this reason, you must utilize the first few seconds to their fullest. (PS: We have more YouTube statistics if you’re interested.)

Start your film with the most dramatic scene rather than a dull opening if you want to make a great first impression. If you get the audience’s attention right away, they won’t want to leave.

Create outstanding channel trailers

YouTube Subscriptions: YouTube provides a lovely feature called channel trailers for marketers wanting to increase their subscriber base. Short trailers that start playing as soon as a visitor views your YouTube channel page are exactly what they sound like.

If and only if you produce extremely captivating content is this the ideal chance to increase your subscriber base?

These teasers must be succinct (between 30 and 60 seconds), interesting, and most importantly, they must persuade your visitors to stay. Do they really have to be gorgeous, funny, and emotional? No doubt, it will be beneficial! I simply can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a compelling call to action that encourages subscribers.

Look at this fantastic illustration by SoulPancake. The trailer is not just the ideal length, but it also inspires positive feelings, is funny, and closes with a highly original call to action.


You Should Limit Your Videos To 5 Minutes

Why are all of your videos 30 to 60 minutes long, then, if your digital engineering software is difficult to explain? Or perhaps you work in the legal field and think that posting lengthy video testimonials on your channel is the only way to build trust.

Even if testimonials are fantastic, extended films and YouTube do not mix well. Your videos should never go over 5 minutes, regardless of how complicated the product you’re marketing is.

Why? Okay, science Numerous studies have shown that people who watch online videos have short attention spans. Did I mention earlier that 20 percent of viewers abandon a video within the first 10 seconds? In fact, HubSpot has discovered that 2 minutes is the perfect amount of time for YouTube videos to be. So make those lengthy webinars into short, snappy bits by re-editing them.

Numerous studies

The advice below will be helpful if you feel unable to reduce your material.

Create a Binge-Worthy Playlist from a Set of Videos

YouTube Subscriptions: Do you have a collection of related videos? Maybe you host a regular weekly educational series or a series of webinars centered on the same subject?

Whatever it is, you ought to create a YouTube playlist for that collection. By doing this, your viewers won’t have to actively search for and click on the next video to keep viewing.

Why does this promote the growth of subscriptions? People will stay on your channel longer as a result, and they will see that you have a ton of high-quality content. This will help maintain your video content well-organized and prevent your channel from looking cluttered and unprofessional, repelling viewers.

An excellent job is done in this by BuzzFeed Tasty. Check out their YouTube playlist page, which is divided into sections like “Dinner,” “Vegetarian,” and “One-Pot Recipes,” which is my personal favorite because I hate cooking.

 personal favorite

Embrace Strong CTAs in Your Videos

YouTube Subscriptions: All effective marketers are skilled at developing compelling calls to action, or CTAs. So why not employ these abilities to create a subscribe-able call-to-action that will encourage users to return to your channel?

Exactly how does this operate? I’ve got excellent news if the thought of adding a CTA to a video sounds challenging and possibly beyond your technical capabilities: It’s not! By enabling advertisers to include end screens and cards in their videos, YouTube has made this simple. Let me explain these two choices in more detail:

End screens are exactly what they sound like screens that will display a call to action at the conclusion of your film. You can use end cards to advertise your website or crowdfunding campaign, entice viewers to subscribe, direct them to the next video, or any combination of these things. Depending on your objective, end screens provide you with a choice of four different elements.

different elements

an end-screen

Even more, elements can add to an end-screen (like in the image below). The final 5 to 20 seconds of your video, which must be at least 25 seconds long, can contain end cards. To learn more about end screens, click this page.

an end-screen

Check out YouTube cards if end screens aren’t your thing! With these items, you may increase the level of interaction in your videos by inviting viewers to a certain URL, playing a video or playlist, promoting your channel, or even conducting an audience poll.

YouTube Subscriptions

Here is an illustration of how a card would seem in use:

YouTube Subscriptions

YouTube Subscriptions: Users do need to tap the tiny “I” icon at the right corner of the video to have the card appear, which is the only thing to keep in mind when using cards. To find out more about YouTube cards, click this page.

Make personalized human thumbnails

Let’s face it; we frequently do just that, which is why we are cautioned not to judge a book by its cover. Since your video thumbnail essentially serves as the video’s cover, it must be utterly captivating. In fact, I’d contend that the most important factor in a visitor’s decision to play or not play your video is the video thumbnail.

The best technique to guarantee that people will watch your video is to use a thumbnail of a happy person making eye contact. Why? People connect with one another. Add a smile to your thumbnail as yet another hot tip to elevate it.

YouTube Subscriptions

Post frequently and regularly

YouTube Subscriptions: Yes, I am aware that at first, this may seem difficult to understand. Not every marketing firm, after all, employs a full-time cameraman to produce content.

Fortunately, if you took my recommendation in Tip #2 and built an internal studio, scripting and producing quality videos can quickly become a regular part of your weekly workflow. Consistency is crucial since viewers won’t continue to subscribe if you never update your channel or if you do it four times in a row before taking a month off.

You’ve probably heard of Moz if you’re at all interested in SEO. Weekly videos in Moz’s excellent Whiteboard Fridays series explain some SEO concepts on a clean whiteboard.

YouTube Subscriptions

These films are not only really interesting and well-made, but they are CONSISTENT. Whiteboard Fridays are so named for a reason. If you can establish a recurring series like this, set for giving your viewers regular video content, which will help you not only keep your present viewers but also draw in new ones and boost video engagement.

Spend money on YouTube marketing

YouTube Subscriptions: Now is the moment to pull out your wallet. You didn’t really believe that all of these suggestions were free, did you?

Take a big breath; I’m not asking you to spend a lot of money, but investing some funds in promoting your YouTube channel will almost certainly increase the number of subscribers to your channel. It’s crucial to allocate some of your marketing budget to supporting your channel because the internet is a crowded place and money talks.

With a range of ad styles, YouTube offers incredibly flexible ways to promote your channel, including:

  • Display advertisements
  • Ad overlays
  • Unskippable and skippable video advertisements
  • Ad bumpers
  • branded cards

YouTube offers video targeting based on interest, demographics, and/or in-market audiences, similar to platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube Subscriptions

Encourage Relevant Online Communities to Share Your Channel

You active participate in these online communities and share your video material when appropriate, whether it be a Twitter conversation, LinkedIn group, Reddit, or any well-known online community in your business.

Consider that you work for an accounting firm and are taking part in a discussion where it seems like folks are having trouble with their taxes. This is the ideal opportunity to post your informative film introducing your services, some of which these taxpayers might even use.

Encourage People to Join Your Channel with Rewards

Every parent out there is aware of the effectiveness of bribery. I’ll let you use the iPad for 10 minutes before night if you eat your vegetables. I frequently overhear my sister saying these things to her boys.

The ironic thing about this is that we never get over using bribes. In fact, because people naturally enjoy free stuff, it works incredibly well on adults. So, absolutely, you should offer people money in exchange for YouTube channel subscriptions. Although it may seem absurd, it truly works!

Improve the Searchability of Your YouTube Channel

Last but not least, ensure that your YouTube videos are optimized to rank in search engine results as well as in the outcomes that appear when users conduct searches within YouTube itself.

YouTube Subscriptions

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