16 strategies to increase views on your YouTube channel

increase views on YouTube: There is no time like the present to consider YouTube channel promotion strategies.

Yet, why “now”?

We now spend up to six hours per day watching videos, and YouTube is the second-most-visited website on the internet, which is already concerning.

Utilize as many promotional strategies as possible if you want to stand out on YouTube.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about these methods for promoting your YouTube channel and boosting views. Whether you’re just starting out or want to see your numbers increase, all of this advice is appropriate.

5 methods to increase YouTube views

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16 tested strategies for growing your YouTube channel

Create titles that are compelling and must-see

YouTube marketing relies heavily on presentation.

Titles have a significant impact on how well a video performs. Do you present your work as either a “must-see” or a “meh”?

Drawing people in without employing clickbait headlines is the key to writing titles that are compelling. People want interesting content, and they also want to know the basic premise of your movie upfront.

Consider two of the most popular YouTube channels, BuzzFeed and WhatCulture. To attract viewers, these movies occasionally use listicles, titles that pose a question, or exaggeration (such as “crazy” or “of all time”).

increase views on YouTube

The titles of the content on the channel are conversational while also managing to smuggle in relevant keywords, as seen in the fitness-related videos by Athlean X, which are another excellent example.

increase views on YouTube

Best-of lists and “how-to” titles are also consistently reliable bets. The Disney Food Blog has some titles that are worth clicking on:

increase views on YouTube

more viewers YouTube: The takeaway from this is that you should think carefully about intriguing titles before choosing the first idea that comes to mind.

The best length for YouTube video titles has been reported to be between 70 and 80 characters. the headline analyzer for CoSchedule,

suggests 55 characters, for instance, as an appealing title. Even though it isn’t made specifically for video titles, the CoSchedule tool is excellent for creating YouTube-friendly titles to aid in the marketing of your YouTube channel.

The YouTube publishing tool from Sprout Social

With the option to submit content directly to YouTube from Sprout, the possibilities there are practically endless.

Use YouTube’s powerful search tools to increase the size of your audience by hosting long-form videos on your channel

Try out our YouTube publishing options by starting a free trial.

Make your videos visible by optimizing them

increase views on YouTube: Consider this: 70% of the top 100 Google search results include YouTube videos.

Heck, simply glance. You can find YouTube videos by searching for any product or “how-to” on Google.

increase views on YouTube
increase views on YouTube

In other cases, YouTube results even appear before regular blog postings or web pages.

increase views on YouTube

Listen, the second-largest search engine in the world is just YouTube. Similar to how they do on Google, people search for items and solutions on YouTube.

Take into account that your YouTube videos are just another form of content that need optimization for things like tags and keywords.

To increase your chances of showing up, follow some of the best YouTube SEO tactics:

  • Titles and descriptions: Make sure your titles and descriptions contain the targeted keywords. You can find keyword suggestions by using a program like Keywordtool.io.
  • Include these words in your video: According to Backlinko’s Brian Dean, using your goal keywords in your video can help YouTube grasp the subject matter of your video.

Don’t overuse keywords, exactly like with website SEO. Use keywords only when they are necessary and never just for the sake of using them.

Ascertain your audience’s preferences.

increase views on YouTube: You should always check that the content you create is in line with the preferences of your audience. Learn about your audience and the kind of material they want to see from you before writing a blog post or producing a video.

If you’re just beginning to promote your YouTube channel,

Do some competition or other specialized video makers’ investigation. observe which of their videos attracts the most interest and views. This can assist you in identifying the topics and video formats that your audience is most interested in watching.

Check your YouTube Analytics if you’ve already uploaded videos. Comprehensive information on the audience’s demographics, location, and interactions may be found here.

plus other insightful YouTube statistics. You can broaden your strategy and evaluate your content in comparison to other social films you’ve made with Sprout Social’s YouTube reporting.

increase views on YouTube

Want to comprehend your YouTube numbers more fully? For information on the most crucial metrics to monitor and inspiration for creating video content suited to your marketing objectives, download our cheat sheet on video analytics.

Participate in the YouTube community

increasing YouTube views Despite the fact that you might not think of YouTube as a social network in the conventional sense,

Through profiles, “likes,” and comments, users may engage with one another and material in a lively community.

It certainly sounds “social,” from our perspective.

As already mentioned, YouTube appreciates your interaction with your visitors. At the absolute least, communicating with your subscribers can help you build stronger ties with your audience. It only takes a few seconds to “like” comments and “pin” one you really like to send to your subscribers.

On any other social network, you would reply to comments and interact with your fans, and YouTube is no different.

Make your thumbnails unique.

Increase views on YouTube: Making custom thumbnails is one of the easiest yet most powerful strategies for promoting your YouTube channel.

To entice a viewer, think about utilizing your title and thumbnail together as a sort of one-two punch.

YouTube automatically selects a screenshot from any particular video to use as the thumbnail. Unfortunately, there are times when a transition or your moving of the camera results in a blurry image.

It doesn’t seem good, does it not?

Making your own thumbnails not only improve the first impression of your movies but also exudes professionalism.

thumbnails unique

Promote other people’s YouTube content

There’s a significant probability that the topics covered by your YouTube channel and by you align.

To make the most of your older content, cross-promote your videos when it makes sense.

You can add links to a video’s description and encourage viewers to click on them as a form of a call to action. Although some people may have been dismayed by the recent removal of YouTube’s annotation option,

Visitors who see links in your description are more likely to watch your videos in their entirety as opposed to skipping ahead.

the desired Google search outcomes

As was already established, YouTube is absolutely dominating the SEO world.

Even if you shouldn’t solely create content for search engines rather than people, you should advertise your YouTube channel with SEO in mind.

Particularly, lengthy (10+ minutes) videos addressing keyword-specific subjects and product how-to articles frequently rank highly in search engine results pages. Consider how your YouTube channel marketing can be useful if you are having trouble coming up with content ideas or want to capitalize on a popular industry buzzword.

Run a contest or giveaway

What YouTube viewers like is a giveaway. Holding a contest or giveaway might help you advertise your YouTube channel and encourage subscribers and interaction.

By enjoying your video, leaving a comment, and subscribing to your channel, users can enter your competitions.

Utilize a few of our suggested tactics when running a social media contest:

Make sure you are following YouTube’s guidelines.
If you want to attract more people than just those looking for free items, give away a gift that is linked to your product.
Include user-generated content and other creative entrance requirements to show off your creativity.

Holding frequent YouTube competitions, meanwhile, requires prudence. You should make sure that your efforts are yielding results in order to prevent squandering time, money, and resources. Before checking your engagement and subscriber drop-off statistics after a contest, give it some time. You can merely attract individuals looking for free items if your subscriber base isn’t engaged.

Encourage fans to continue watching your show

A targeted video series with a reoccurring subject or topic is a clever strategy to advertise your YouTube channel.

The well-known foodie channel Bon App├ętit actually has a number of different series, including their ongoing “From the Test Kitchen” videos, that make up their YouTube presence.

YouTube videos

Series are beneficial to both their creators and their audience. For creators, you don’t have to scramble for ideas because you hold yourself responsible for producing original YouTube videos. Your audience now has something to anticipate as well as a motivation to stay visiting your channel.

incorporate your YouTube videos

Beyond YouTube itself, there are some excellent places to advertise your YouTube channel.

For instance, it has been demonstrated that video content increases conversion rates and decreases on-site bounce rates. Add a video to a product page or blog post to encourage visitors to stay there longer.

Keep in mind that it’s always advantageous to direct your website’s (or social media!) traffic to YouTube.

To arrange your YouTube videos, create playlists.

The more videos you produce, the more challenging it is for viewers to find what they’re looking for on your channel.

Because of this, playlists are crucial. Playlists encourage your visitors to binge-watch your videos by categorizing your videos and allowing you to arrange your channel.

For instance, Beardbrand’s grooming channel consistently posts new content, resulting in the accumulation of hundreds of films on a wide range of subjects. The channel’s numerous playlists direct viewers to pertinent content without them having to look hard for it.

16 strategies to increase views on your YouTube channel

Boost participation in calls to action

Given the immediacy and connection that video content can foster, asking for engagement might occasionally be the best approach to get your videos seen.

It’s grown more and more customary to include these reminders in the description or in the video itself because not everyone who appreciates one of your films will remember to “drop a like” or “become a subscriber.”

There’s no shame in simply requesting some love, especially if you’re a rising channel. In fact,

the best strategies to maintain engagement are to ask viewers a question to answer in the comments section or to watch another video. You can also add an external link to your website or link to other videos.

best strategies

Boost participation in calls to action

increase views on YouTube: Given the immediacy and connection that video content can foster, asking for engagement might occasionally be the best approach to get your videos seen.

It’s grown more and more customary to include these reminders in the description or in the video itself because not everyone who appreciates one of your films will remember to “drop a like” or “become a subscriber.”

There’s no shame in simply requesting some love, especially if you’re a rising channel. In fact, the best strategies to maintain engagement are to ask viewers a question to answer in the comments section or to watch another video. You can also add an external link to your website or link to other videos.

increase views on YouTube

Here are a few instances of how to use YouTube Live:

  • Webinars, live instruction
  • Q&A sessions
  • demonstrations of goods

If your streams don’t go as well as you’d want, don’t stress. Live video is exciting (and risky) in part because you never know what will happen. Live footage is fascinating because of its unrefined, natural quality. Visit Google’s guide to live streaming for more advice on how to get started with YouTube Live.

Work along with other artists and companies

Working with other users is a strategy that some of the biggest YouTube stars have utilized to increase their fan base. Each partnership exposes you to a new group of people. The best part is that because you’re collaborating with a content creator they already know, like, and trust, those new viewers are more inclined to subscribe to your channel.

Start an expensive YouTube ad campaign.

You always have the choice to increase your visibility through paid YouTube ads because marketing in general is moving toward a pay-to-play model. There are many different ad formats available on YouTube:

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