Boosting Traffic With Facebook SEO

Boosting Traffic With Facebook SEO will increase your brand/business awareness strongly. We are going to talk about how to boos traffic with Facebook SEO and what are the strategies. Are you ready to begin? Learn everything you need to know about Facebook SEO in the sections below.

With the modern world today, businesses are increasingly leaning towards social media to strengthen their presence. According to research, 75% of Facebook users scroll through their news feed daily. In fact, it is a great opportunity to reach out to potential customers.

Okay, so let’s say you created a Facebook page to promote your business. But how can you ensure that you maximize your chances of success after that? This is why we should use Facebook SEO principles. Using Facebook SEO principles is one of the best ways to increase organic reach and website traffic. This includes optimizing your Facebook page content to get the best possible search ranking results without loading up on paid ads.

Facebook SEO Is?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategy for increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. It entails comprehending how search engines such as Google rank and categorize content on the Internet and applying these principles to the design and creation of content for your website.

Usually, this entails identifying key search terms and keywords relevant to your business, optimizing your website’s domain name and content, and obtaining links from other reputable websites. The goal of SEO is to maximize organic search engine results and ranking on the first page of Google results without having to pay for ad placements.

So, what exactly does this have to do with Facebook? Because your Facebook page is essentially a website, you should apply the same SEO principles to maximize your reach and web traffic. By implementing key SEO principles on your Facebook page, you will improve organic visibility and search ranking (both on Facebook and across search engines).

Let’s begin to boosting traffic with Facebook SEO

So, what are the key principles you should practice to your Facebook page? Continue reading to learn the 09 important steps for boosting traffic with Facebook SEO.

01) Doing SEO Keyword Researches.

It is very important to do this SEO keyword research to get a clear understanding of which keywords are most relevant to your company. This will increase your chances of improving your search ranking on Facebook and elsewhere.

The purpose of this SEO keyword research, which must be done before promoting the business through Facebook SEO, is to find and analyze search terms to find businesses online. It helps you to investigate the internet promotions related to your business and your business competitors and thus make a better presentation. Understanding the search engine behavior of potential customers will put you in the best position to optimize your Facebook page to reflect these terms.

Boosting Traffic With Facebook SEO

SEO keyword research does not have to be difficult! Simply start typing terms into Google to see what related phrases people are looking for. Consider a flower shop that wants to find relevant keywords concerning one of their main services, floral decorations.

So, what exactly is SEO keyword research? Begin by generating 5 to 10 broad things relevant to your business. Next, begin searching for these terms in search engines such as Google to determine what key phrases users are looking for. Pay close attention to comparable phrases or keywords that users frequently search for and use these to build a bank of SEO keywords to use on your Facebook page and website.

Once you’ve compiled a list of commonly searched terms, pick a few that are most appropriate for your company. With this list in hand, you can add these keyword conditions to your Facebook Page to boost your chances of achieving higher audiences on the platform.

02) Create Your Own Facebook Page Name. 

Boosting traffic with Facebook SEO

Even if it may appear self-evident, describing your Facebook page name is among the most important actions you can take to boosting traffic with Facebook SEO. This username offers a fantastic opportunity for brands to improve their search rankings both on Facebook and on the web. So, what should you do to increase traffic and reach? It all comes down to knowing the key phrases and keywords you can include in the name of your Facebook page.

Consider your main services or products and come up with creative ways to include these terms in the name of your Facebook page. Also, keep in mind the SEO keywords you discovered during your keyword research and incorporate them into your Facebook page copy. By incorporating these terms into the name of your Facebook page, you will improve your chances of ranking in the leading search results while also providing potential customers with an instant understanding of what your business does.

Pick a good Facebook page name and title that will benefit your company in the long run. It’s critical not to change this name for best results, so choose a phrase that conforms with the fundamental of your brand.

03) Upgrade Your Vanity URL

Boosting traffic with Facebook SEO

A vanity URL is a branded address used for marketing purposes. Vanity URLs are short and easy to remember, and they frequently include a call-to-action phrase. They can be configured to redirect visitors to a longer, more difficult-to-remember URL. The primary reason for generating vanity URLs is to maintain proper branding.

You wouldn’t launch a website without first registering a custom domain name, so why would you publish a Facebook page without first registering a vanity URL? This simple step can have a significant impact on boosting traffic with Facebook SEO.

The custom username you choose for your Facebook page is your vanity URL. To change the URL, go to your Page Settings and enter your desired username.

Boosting traffic with Facebook SEO

When we refer about vanity URLs, we’re referring to the part of the URL that comes after the / in Once you create a page, a numeric ID number is assigned to it. This will be your URL. You’ll end up with a URL like or something. A vanity URL transforms that numeric string in to the text of your choosing.

Your numeric ID is still valid and is used by Facebook to identify us within their system. Your numeric ID cannot change, but your vanity URLs can. This ID is also used to connect to your graph API info.

When you change your username, the new username becomes public. You can’t just change your username to something offensive and hope no one notices. They certainly will.

04) Include SEO Keywords In The About Section of Your Facebook Page.

Boosting Traffic with Facebook SEO

Do you want to assist search engines in accurately describing your company? Make sure to improve the About section of your Facebook page. This is being used by search engines such as Google to generate a’meta description’ (the text that appears beneath your Facebook page’s heading in search results).

You’ll be in the perfect situation to boost your Facebook Page’s search ranking if you create an About section that emphasizes your key services and leverages defined keywords. Begin by writing a one-sentence description about your self to provide users with an overview of your company. Following that, include a list of your primary services and products. For the best results, maintain this About section copy brief and sharp (under 135 characters).

05) Share Content That Makes Use Of SEO Keywords

Each Facebook post you share should be optimized for your brand’s SEO keywords. You can improve your search rankings on Facebook and the website by smartly adding SEO keywords to the titles/hashtags of the photos, videos, and articles you share.

In order to increase reach and organic awareness on Facebook, include SEO keywords applicable to your business in your captions. All your Facebook page and all these posts are more likely to be found in search results when users search for these terms. To avoid ‘spamming’ audiences with irrelevant terms in your post captions, make sure all such keywords are still applicable to each post.

Furthermore, it is critical that the articles and content you share adhere to SEO best practices. This is where SEO blogs can help! You can improve your chances of organic search and discovery on Facebook by publishing engaging, content-rich blog posts that include SEO keywords in the title and meta description of each post. At the same time, you’ll be driving traffic to your website.

06) Provide Accurate Contact Information To Improve Local SEO.

Local search is an advanced SEO strategy to use for smaller companies looking to reach hyper – local markets of customers. Users frequently search for local businesses on Facebook. For example, if a user searches ‘London Floral Decorations’ in Facebook’s search bar, the outcomes will be categorized based on flower shops Facebook Pages in that area.

Consider the local search results for ‘London Floral Decorations,’ which demonstrate the significance of securing your contact information up to date in order to enhance your search ranking results.

To ensure that your Facebook page would seem at the top of these search results, make sure your contact information is correct and complete. Go to your Facebook page’s ‘About’ section and make sure you’ve included your business’s address, phone number, website, and other contact information.

This not only makes it easier for clients to contact you, but it also increases your chances of ranking high in these local searches.

07) Building Backlinks To Boost The Facebook SEO Ranking

Backlinks are similar to positive reviews in terms of Facebook SEO. The more high-quality backlinks you have pointing to your Facebook page, the more likely Google will rank your page high in search results. Because search engines use backlines to determine credibility.

So, how do you raise the number of backlinks to your Fb page? Begin by including numerous backlinks to your Facebook page from your own website, such as throughout blogposts. Also, ensure that you share the link to your Facebook page with other companies and brands with whom you’re collaborating.

For example, if you regularly write guest blogs for a reputable blogger, ask them to include a link to your Facebook page at the bottom of these blog posts to increase your Facebook SEO ranking!

08) Add Important Custom Tabs  

Boosting Traffic with Facebook SEO

This is an effective tool for boosting traffic with Facebook SEO. To customize your custom tabs, go to your page’s Settings and select ‘Templates and Tabs.’ In most cases, the ‘Standard’ page template will be used. If you want to completely change the template, click ‘Edit’ and choose the best template for your company.

To get the best results drag and drop the tabs you want to see on your Facebook page. Highlight the tabs that are most relevant to your company, whether they are videos, events, services, or even job listings. This makes it simpler for visitors to explore your Facebook page and gives you more opportunities to use SEO keywords throughout your page.

09) Add SEO Optimized Blog Content To Your FB Notes.

Facebook notes are where people and brands share content that is too long or inappropriate for something like a simple status update. Businesses make use of Facebook Notes in a lot of formats. A note, for example, could summarize the content of your most recent blog post.

This feature allows you to publish/share blog content with your Facebook audience, which is ideal for sharing anything from business updates to critical business news. Re-sharing your existing blog content to Facebook Notes is actually a good way to boost Facebook SEO. This is a simple and workable strategy, and also provides your established content a new life with a new wide audience.

Include some of your high-ranked SEO keywords in Facebook Notes to increase your chances of being discovered by new Facebook audiences. Additionally, add a CTA at the end of the Note guiding users/visitors to your website to enhance website traffic.

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