Statistics Content Backlinks

Statistics Content Backlinks

Statistics Content Backlinks is one of the metrics that Google uses to measure the value and relevance of a website. This means that the more backlinks you get, the higher your ranking in search engine results.

Content marketing is all about creating content that will attract the most backlinks and increase traffic to your site. There are many components of a high-quality article that deserve backlinks. First, let me tell you how essential it is to gain quality backlinks. Backlinks are one of the main ranking factors for Google and significantly determine your position in the search engine results pages. Unfortunately, this makes building backlinks an elusive goal. High-quality sites only link to posts that are useful, relevant, and valuable. But before we get started, one tip for building backlinks is to regularly monitor backlinks for different types of content. Then, through a backlink audit, you can identify which content attracts the most links. SEMrush, Serpstat, and SpyFu are popular SEO tools that you can use to audit your backlinks.

However, building backlinks is not easy because no one will give you a link for free; you have to work for it. In this blog post, we’ll look at seven types of content that naturally attract the most backlinks.

Steps to start a statistics content page:

  • Find out what kind of statistics your customers or people in your industry might be looking for.
  • Compile statistics from multiple sources.
  • Feel free to cite these sources when creating your page.
  • Create and optimize your page for search engines (the optimization part is very important in this strategy!)
  • Create an infographic or other interesting content to make the page look great.

original investigation

The first type of content that can guarantee you backlinks is original research, surveys, or studies that you conduct yourself. Yes, it takes a lot more effort than creating daily content, but it’s definitely worth it for your domain growth. By doing your own research, you can offer values ​​that other websites can’t.

Statistics compilation

Data statistics are very important in marketing because every content creator will look for them to support their articles or arguments. If you can’t do your own research and present your own findings as Ahrefs did, you can always collect other people’s data. To do this, you need to compile statistics on a specific topic from different websites and then present them in the form of a single article. This way, people don’t have to browse the internet looking for those stats, they just have to click on your content.

message lists

I’m a big fan of list posts, just like everyone else. As the name suggests, list posts contain lists of items, features, or products. Not only do they attract backlinks, but they are easy to create and the most shared on social networks. No matter how many items are in a list, list posts will still work fine. But I suggest having at least five elements to leave a lasting impact.

List posts are popular for a number of reasons, such as: They are easy to scan. Almost all readers are interested in understanding the gist of the message to know whether it would help them or not. Since the list items are subheadings, readers can skim through them quickly. They arouse curiosity to know more about what the list contains. For example, if you come across an article titled “10 ways to increase blog traffic”, you will be curious about these ways.

They give quick answers. Lists make it easy to find specific answers. You don’t have to skim through the entire post to find a particular point. However, list posts may not work as intended without a great introduction and conclusion. In addition to having a perfect introduction and conclusion, a detailed list is essential. Provide detailed information about each item on the list.

For example, for an article titled “Top 10 Backlink Analysis Tools,” don’t just provide the name and price of the tools. Instead, discuss what makes each of them exceptional. Discuss its unique features, performance benefits, and user reviews.

ultimate guide

The Ultimate Guide is a blog post that offers a detailed and comprehensive explanation of a specific topic. This type of content works best as a reference for people who are considering writing on the same topic. Also, when content writers don’t have enough space to explain something in detail, they can always refer to the ultimate guide page.

Complete list of tools.

Finding all these tools takes a lot of time and not everyone has time for it. This is your chance to create valuable content for marketers and content creators.

Guides and e-books

All bloggers and content writers love ultimate ebooks and guides. They need the information to compile their articles or blogs and search for content with detailed and relevant information. For example, if a content writer writes about “search engine optimization,” she will look to definitive guides or eBooks for detailed information. Guides and ebooks cover a single topic in depth, discussing all the essential details. They are extensive content and their purpose is to provide all the details to the reader.

Therefore, they are an ideal source of information for authors dealing with similar topics and attract the most backlinks. If your guide or eBook is written in an organized way and covers all aspects of a topic, you will attract backlinks in no time. Guides and e-books require a great deal of time and effort. You may need to go through dozens of posts to identify gaps and collect all the relevant information. However, once this is done, you just have to compile this information in one place. Therefore, keep in mind to have a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Personal Case Studies

Case studies are similar to original research because they are both drawn solely from your personal experience, which means that people should recommend you if they want to cite the results of your findings. What distinguishes case studies from original research is that case studies are essentially your own success story of how you accomplish something in a particular method. Take a look at this Unbounce case study as an example.

Unbounce tells how they did an A/B test to see where the best place to put a call-to-action button is on a landing page. The result of this case study reveals that moving the CTA to the right place can increase the conversion rate by up to 591%. Due to its original and useful content, the page managed to get more than 900 backlinks.

Free software

If you have a surplus in your marketing budget and want to go the extra mile, I recommend creating free software that other marketers can use. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure it’s very useful. One of the free online tools I use frequently to help me with my titles is CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. It is simple and easy to use, you just need to write the proposed title and then show the overall score and analysis of that title. It is very useful software for marketers, so it is not surprising that it has more than 24,000 backlinks.

comparison stations

Sometimes we are confused about products or services and can’t decide which one to choose. We often face this situation because no one wants to lose money on something that is not worth buying. As a result, we searched the Internet to find the answers. For example, when I started this site, I would look for comparisons every time I needed to buy a tool or plugin.

Comparison posts are intended to help buyers make the right choice. These articles compare products or services based on various factors, such as features, price, ease of use, and performance. For each feature, the author votes for a product. As a result, the user has a clear idea of ​​the product that best suits their needs. For most products or services, there are free trials or versions available that you can use to avoid large investments.

infographics for Statistics Content Backlinks

The last type of content to attract backlinks that I will cover in this blog post is infographics. Its small size makes it easy to share infographics, and its beautiful visual design draws your audience’s attention. Attracting backlinks using infographics is simple, but it requires a lot of patience and consistency.

Here is the process step by step:

  • Publish it on your own site and in infographic directories.
  • Research other websites in a similar niche/topic.
  • Contact them and send your infographic.
  • Repeat

In digital marketing, everything depends on your content. Is valuable? How can you help people? If your content can avoid generic ideas that have been said over and over again and can actually offer unique information, then people will be much more likely to link to your page. From this blog post, we learn that original research, data insights, definitive guides, comprehensive tool lists, free software, case studies, and infographics are the types of content that work best when it comes to attracting backlinks.

How To Build Natural Backlinks Using Statistics Content Backlinks

How To Build Natural Backlinks Using Statistics Content


How do attract Statistics Content Backlinks?

  • Find backlink opportunities with the best referral sources.
  • Use outgoing links to form associations.
  • Create high-quality, link-worthy content.
  • Post Skyscraper content.

What are quality Statistics Content Backlinks?

Quality backlinks A quality backlink is a link that comes from a high domain authority website that is trusted by search engines and web users.

How often should you generate Statistics Content Backlinks?

All of the above suggests that it’s worth regularly checking your backlinks to make sure they’re working. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to do this every week, but you should definitely do it every few months. It should be noted that there may be more than one reason for a backlink not working.

How many backlinks is good per day?

On average, 25-30 backlinks per day are safe for a new website. However, even 500 links a day are safe if they are created naturally through organic exposure, such as content going viral, posting on a trending topic, or hosting a special event for your business.

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