Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paid Search

Are you looking for a successful marketing campaign? Would paid search make your marketing campaign successful? Are you thinking whether you should use paid search in your campaign or shouldn’t? If you have got these problems, this article specifically for you. Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of paid search.

Paid search

If you are going for a digital marketing campaign to make your business improved, you can use either paid search technique or organic search technique. If you are willing, you can use both. Many search engines gives opportunity to publish ad about your business, product or service. When people searching something related to your keywords, that used in ads, your ad would appear in the top of the search results.

Paid search

Why Paid search?

You can get more traffic to your site and can make more conversions through this. You only have to pay for clicks on your ads. Paid search is really a good way to make brand awareness. Specially if your business is a new one or if your website is a new one paid search will give you more benefits than organic search. You can get traffic easily, because there is no need to wait few months until Google identify your content and give you a place in organic search results list.

Paid search works every year. The problem is it gets more expensive every year. But it won’t give as much as results when time pass by. If your budget won’t increase, you’ll see fewer clicks on the ads. If you stop paying, then all of that traffic goes away. If you are going to make paid search as your main traffic source, you’re running a huge risk. You will have to pay more and more for the same search terms, and will get slowly return less and less.

Many companies looking for paid search to bring their sites traffic, but as a result their ROI drops every year. Before selecting paid search, you need to look into your campaign goals. If paid search can make those goals, just do it. Now let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of paid search.

Advantages of Paid Search

1.You will get traffic fast

Paid advertisements give results much faster than organic search. You can use money and put your content as high as it can get. You don’t need to fighting for a top stop. All you have to do is buy ad space on the search engine results page (SERP).

Google need few months to identify your content and give you a rank on search results list. Therefore to get traffic from organic search, you have to wait patently. But in paid search, you don’t have to wait such a period. If you have a larger budget, you can quickly improve people the ad appears before.

2.Being able to target a specific audience

Being able to target a specific audience is important for a brand specially who are very niched. You can also re-target audience who’ve been to your site before. This gives you chance to re-engage with them. Google let you to target your audience based on who they are and their interests. You can use the fact that whether they’ve engaged with your business before to target audience, as we mentioned before. This will give you significant results and get you clicks from people actually looking for business like yours.

3. Secure a Long Tail

Today, many people use search engines to find what they want easily. Google always try to give users exactly what they want. Therefore marketers try to provide optimized content for their keywords. With paid search, you can secure long tail keywords easily than before. Therefore you don’t have to write content for each keyword people search for. Long tail keywords have less competition. There is a chance to users get engage with your content, if you use long tail keywords.

4. Engaging with eCommerce Store

eCommerce Store

If someone is shopping for buy a specific product, Ads are really effective to catch them. If you are having an eCommerce store, you can use paid advertisements to gain customers. For example, imagine someone is searching term  “red high heeled shoes” and if you have a product with same keyword, your product will be the first thing they would see. As long as you bid on that keyword, that ad can be what brings them to your site. You can do same for all your major products. Displaying them with a image and attractive title will bring more customers to your site.

Disadvantages of paid search

1. Do not give long term compounding results

Organic paid give business long term compounding results. Paid search brings you more traffic. But when you stop paying for ads, your traffic will go away. Paid advertisements only get their spot because of their companies pay for it. Its better to have both organic and paid search. Just create your content to get better SEO score and do paid search also.

When you have no budget for pay-per-click advertising, organic search results will still bring you traffic. Paid ads get 85% fewer clicks than organic result links. The reason may be, many people aware of paid advertisements get their spot because they pay for it. Therefore many users skip paid links and go for organic links.

2. PPC costs money

If you are going to use paid search you have to pay for clicks.  When many people search for a specific term, the cost to buy it gets higher. There you have to pay higher amount when time pass by. But the problem is conversions have stayed the same. Which means you have to pay more per lead.

There is also a competition for bid for terms. You will either win and pay more for a keyword, or lose and not compete for that keyword. People can click on your ads accidentally. If yes, you’ll have to pay for those clicks. Because you need to pay for every single click, if they wouldn’t buy anything.

If you wanna get quick results and if you have a sufficient budget, then you can go for the paid advertisements. Firstly make your goals and identify whether it’s worth using paid search or not. This guide of advantages and disadvantages of paid search will help you to select a better strategy for your digital marketing plan.

PPC costs money

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC vs SEM?

‘Pay-Per-Click’ called as PPC. It refers to a type of online advertising. SEM stands for ‘Search Engine Marketing’. SEM is the blanket term used for any kind of activity that intended to improve how easy to find a particular website through a search engine.

What is paid search SEO?

Paid search targets people who searching for keywords that related to your business through ads on the search engine results page (SERP). SEO ensures your website, it’s content, and social profiles that are used to rank well in organic search results.

What is better Google ads or SEO?

It depends on your goals. If your goal is to get more traffic to your site in the short period, it’s better to focus on PPC ads. If you want to make your business’s online presence for a long run, choosing SEO better. If you can invest your time and energy in both SEO and PPC, it will give you best results for sure.

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