Optimizing LinkedIn SEO

This is the right time to think about optimizing LinkedIn SEO. There are 875 million members over 200 countries worldwide in LinkedIn. That means a large number of users. This social media network is used by many professionally skilled people around the world. Therefore, you have to learn and consider regarding LinkedIn SEO to be success in your digital marketing goals through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and the Business World

LinkedIn is most popular in the fields of information technology and services. Hospital / Health Care is the second most popular industry on LinkedIn and then Construction, Retail, and Education Management. These five sectors are usually at the top year after year.

Especially LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2B companies. It is helping to acquire new clients and also optimizing your business’s digital marketing efforts.

It specifically creates a favorable business and advertising environment. LinkedIn is a platform where entrepreneurs/businessmen can communicate directly with others for B2B (Business-to-Business) advertising/marketing, partnership, presenting business quality, and many other purposes. It also aids in brand awareness.

Optimizing LinkedIn SEO

What is this LinkedIn SEO?

LinkedIn SEO entails optimizing your profile so that it ranks higher in search results. The most of people will find and see your profile if it ranks higher in search results. Furthermore, it ensures that your profile is visible  to your target audience.

LinkedIn, like any other social media platform, employs an algorithm to decide what content to display in response to a specific search term. When a profile meets the requirements of the algorithm, it ranks higher in search results and attracts more attention.

Similarly, LinkedIn’s SEO is a very important platform for business promotion even though no one thinks so much about it. With access to LinkedIn, an entire network of professionals, the opportunities for those with enough knowledge can be endless. So being able to optimize your LinkedIn presence has many potential benefits for your personal profile and your business.

Due to its high domain authority, search engines return many results from LinkedIn in SERPs. That chance is especially high for certain search terms that revolve around job roles.

Optimizing LinkedIn SEO

Optimizing LinkedIn SEO will improve your search engine optimization performances. Do you have any idea how to do it? Follow the strategies below.

01) Be detailed (Provide Accurate Information)

The first step is to complete as much of your profile as possible. Don’t be lazy or cut corners – provide the details that will help to raise your profile. But don’t just fill in all the fields mindlessly; be descriptive, engaging, creative and use carefully chosen words. Maintain it descriptive but to the point by revealing the essential information while leaving a hint of mystery. Make it more digestible and enjoyable to read by using bullet points or lists.

02) Upload a suitable profile picture

There is one important thing that you should not miss. That is your profile picture. Upload a clear, attractive and professional picture for it. Don’t put your old photos in it. For example, don’t post a picture you took at a graduation ceremony a few years ago. It changes the image of you. Then someone looking at your profile will think that you are still in education. It creates a feeling of lack of experience.

Upload a picture that shows you are a respected professional with years of valuable experience. (Or don’t worry about it. Just pick the right one that fits).

Right or wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, the picture makes people’s first impression of you. On the other hand, think before posting casual photos. To increase your chances of appearing in image searches, make sure your image is titled appropriately.

Similarly, if you represent an organization/brand, you should be careful there too. For that, put the logo of the company/brand/a beautiful picture of the company premises or a photo that creates such an important feeling.

Don’t change your profile picture frequently. Keep the same picture for a significant amount of time. It shows your stability.

03) Consider keywords

Just as you would target specific keywords when optimizing a website, you should follow the same approach when optimizing your LinkedIn and consider user intent when approaching website SEO.

As with website optimization, don’t overdo it with keywords. Anyone reading will notice if you’ve used the same keyword many times in one paragraph. Keep in mind that you should be engaging and genuinely interesting.

Utilize the table of contents to expand on your keywords. This is likely to be the first section of your profile that people read. While self-promotion is important, focus on how you can help others. People are probably looking for something, and you need to show them why you’re the right person to speak with.

04) Make your URL unique

Did you think about the URL for your LinkedIn profile? Take a moment to change your custom URL to enter your full name. If your name is as common, you may want to be a little creative, but keep it professionally and as clearly as possible. Consider it will be easy to see on your business card.

On LinkedIn, you can customize your public profile URL. Having a personalized public profile URL will make it easier for other participants and recruiters to find and connect with you. Custom public profile URLs are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. At any given time, you can only have one custom public profile URL.

If you do not know how it is done, follow the following steps.

  • Click on the “Me” icon.
  • Click the “View Profile” button.
  • Then click on “Edit public profile & URL”
  • You will be taken to the Public profile settings page.
  • On the right side, under Edit your custom URL, click the Edit icon next to your public profile URL.
  • In the text box, type or edit the final part of your new custom public profile URL.
  • Click the Save button.

05) Build a socially acceptable network

LinkedIn is a network of a network at the end of the day. So don’t try to make a beautiful profile. Important to build links, so you must build connections as others if you want to see in search results. Search algorithms of LinkedIn prioritizes displaying people who have similar connections & groups.

You’ve probably noticed that when you search on LinkedIn, the results that are prioritized are those with first, second, or even third level connections to you. As a result, the more members you are connected with on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to appear in search results.

06) Interaction and participation

You have opinions, so express them. You have expert knowledge, so share it. You have a voice, so use it. If you want to get the most out of it, you must engage with people, just like any other social network. Although this will not directly improve your chances of being discovered in search results, it will boost your visibility to other LinkedIn users. And one thing always follows another.

07) Participate in group activities

This is a continuation of the previous points about participating/engaging and networking. Groups are a superb way to meet people in your sector who share your interests. Spend a little time identifying the organizations that are most relevant to your area of expertise and profession. It also increases your visibility, as joining a group with many people suddenly makes you more relevant to them in search results. You have nothing to lose and will most likely gain a lot along the way.

08) Gather endorsements

No one seems to know whether having more endorsements or suggestions helps your profile rank higher in search results. In any case, it’s certainly worthwhile to try to collect as many of these as possible. The same theory applies to hiring humans as it does to purchasing a product based on positive reviews. Endorsements and recommendations instill confidence and trust in a person’s or business’s authority and credentials.

09) Keep Sharing Content & Updates

Self promotion is one of LinkedIn’s primary functions. This is a place where you can share your work with pride, show it off to the community, and hold open discussions. Just keep in mind that sharing is caring, but oversharing is domineering.

You’re fine as long as you’re sharing content and updates that are genuinely interesting and add value to people’s lives. It’s not about stroking your ego – that’s a recipe for disaster – but about collaborating on concepts and sharing value. In short, it’s a fantastic way to interact with your network and meet new people. This results in new connections, a larger network, and a better chance of ranking highly.

10) Publish LinkedIn Posts

Click ‘Write a Letter’ under the status update and type your best words. Inserting content as part of a SEO strategy helps to increase your authority and ratings and it is true for LinkedIn. This post posting is much help to build your LinkedIn profile and improve your personal brand.

Publishing optimized content for LinkedIn is the same as writing content for an SEO campaign, and all of the same rules apply. You can also repurpose content you’ve written elsewhere and always try to write unique content. 

11) Link Building

Backlinks is a very important concept in digital marketing. It does not change when you try to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile. Always look for the chances to get backlinks to your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn backlinks are building links from the LinkedIn platform to your website. A LinkedIn backlink can be from a user’s post, as a contextual link in a LinkedIn article, or as a URL backlink in the comments section.

The following things can happen if you build quality links to your LinkedIn profile:

  • Your LinkedIn profile will rise in Google rankings, getting views, endorsements, & user activity.
  • The additional views & engagements on your profile will help boost your LinkedIn profile score in the company’s internal ranking algorithm.
  • Your LinkedIn profile will rank higher for the keywords you’ve been optimizing for on the social media platform.

Bottom Line

If you follow above applies to your personal or business LinkedIn profile, you will be able to achieve the best. Optimizing LinkedIn SEO is the way to reach most audience, to generate lead and improve your career profile.

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